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It Happened At 51 Bookcover

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It Happened At 51, A Cute Romantic Comedy

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Abbie St. Claire brings you her delightfully sexy and comical entanglements of a middle-aged divorcee...

Ever wake up one morning and ask yourself, "This, this right here is all I have to show for my life? This is what a failed thirty-year marriage looks like? I’m 50 and I’m single and, oh by the way, suddenly dropped into the cesspool of dating candidates. This?"

When I hit that magical middle age, my perfect world was rocked like an avalanche. The idiot I was married to started having an affair with a younger woman. After the divorce, I refused to be a cougar, but I had lots to learn about the new kind of single life. Thinking there’d never be another guy for me, I came to the conclusion that having a career and getting my only child out of college was all I needed. All the while wine and Lifetime Television became my comforting companion.

I was incorrect about dating! Wrong on so many levels.
Let's face it, Mr. Duracell can work, meh, okay some of the time, but I missed the strong arms of a man wrapped around me. I missed sharing dinners with other couples. I missed a life outside of my four walls. Let's face it, who's kidding who? I missed real, vibrant, crazy SEX!

Then it happened.
Everything I'd missed out on began to happen when I turned 51. I discovered what sexting was... and wasn't. I found out there's such a thing as Facetime used for adult play and holy cow, Mr. Dirty Harry came into my world in a kinky way.

I soon realized that and Plenty of Fish do not always have all the Mr. Rights: Rights for me, Right for no one and possibly not even Right in the head. Then there was Collin, sexy on every level, but performance nil when whisky is in the till!

It Happened at 51 will keep you laughing and guessing as the author turns life upside down and shakes out all the madness to find her happily-ever-after.


USA TODAY Bestselling Author Abbie St. Claire brings you MINE, a standalone novella from The Diamond Club World. For more information on the Diamond Club, go to

I grew up believing I was invincible and feared no one. Named after my grandfather, Duncan Tate Lockhart II, I found my true calling after discovering my first diamond as a small boy. Not all finds are legal and some of them lethal. All of them exhilarating.
Everything I wanted, I obtained. Every heist I attempted, I succeeded—until the last one. The end of my name said it all… can… Until I met Kate Richards.
I met Duncan at the beach one early spring morning, while trying to add another piece of beautiful sea glass to my collection. Charming, gorgeous and intensely private, he was irresistible. After a whirlwind month with him, I often felt he was out of my league, but that didn’t stop our chemistry. It would take being kidnapped and tied up with a gun to my head to make me choose life—one that didn’t belong to either of us. One that mattered more than the culmination of both of us.
One last heist, one last debt to pay, one new life to live.

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