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Heart For The Holidays


Indulge in the enchanting world crafted by USA Today Bestselling Author Abbie St. Claire with her latest heartwarming tale, "Heart for the Holidays." Within the pages of this sweet and romantic novel, embark on a journey of love and joy, sprinkled with the signature unexpected twists that Abbie is renowned for. Let the story of Avery and Blake unfold before you.

In the aftermath of losing a loved one, it feels as if an avalanche has swept away the foundation of life. Avery, skeptical about love and family due to heartbreaking losses, believes she has endured enough pain. Discovering solace in her new life in the bustling streets of New York City, she secures herself behind a wall, determined to shield her heart from further wounds.

Haunted by the wounds inflicted by a tumultuous relationship with his father, Blake escapes the confines of his Montana ranch and family business. Seeking solace, he finds refuge at Columbia University to pursue a law degree. A failed engagement at the culmination of his law school journey further deepens his scars, leading him to believe that forming meaningful connections is beyond his grasp. Five years of singlehood only strengthens his conviction, and he convinces himself that his heart is now unreachable.

Their paths cross not in a fairy-tale love-at-first-sight scenario, but amidst snide remarks and drink tallies. The connection between Avery and Blake is nothing short of explosive, tangible, and unforgettable, defying their best efforts to resist its magnetic pull. Once again, an avalanche intervenes.

In "Heart for the Holidays," witness the magic of love weaving its spell on two hearts reluctant to open up, in a tale that promises warmth, surprises, and the hope of a happily-ever-after holiday romance.

Romance Re-Do


USA TODAY Bestselling Author Abbie St. Claire brings you her delightfully sexy and comical entanglements of a new divorcee...

Have you ever woken up one morning and thought, "Is this it? Is this the sum of my life? A failed marriage, a newly grown son that no longer wants to need me, a solo act in the dating circus, and all the mess that comes with it?"

Suddenly, my perfect world crumbled like a house of cards. My ex-husband, the certified doofus, was gallivanting with a much younger paramour. Post-divorce, I vowed not to become a cougar, but little did I know what was to learn about navigating this brave new world of singlehood. I had convinced myself that a thriving career and getting my only child out of school were the markers of success. But the truth was, sipping gallons of wine and cheering with the happy couples of Hallmark could no longer cut it.

Under that wonderful thing called “girlfriend pressure,” there was encouragement to look for something a little fun, even daring. A dating life? Wow, wrong on so many levels of what that had become. Sure, Mr. Duracell could keep the lights on in the satisfaction department, but I longed for the comforting embrace of a man's strong arms, the joy of shared dinners with other couples, enjoyable conversation and a life beyond the confines of my four walls.
In transparency, who was I kidding? I was yearning for genuine, passionate, crazy spontaneous SEX!

And then, IT happened.

Everything I'd been missing suddenly flooded into my life. I stumbled upon the world of sexting, quickly learning what it was... and what it most definitely was not. I discovered that there was such a thing as "Facetime" for grown-up rendezvous, and lo and behold, Mr. Dirty Harry entered my world in a wild, unexpected way.
Soon, I realized that online dating platforms like Bumbling, Matching and Plenty of Fried Fish didn't always have the Mr. Rights: not right for me, not right for anyone, and possibly not even right in the head.

Then there was Collin, irresistible on every level, except when whiskey was involved!

"Romance Re-do" will keep you in stitches while guessing at the next foiled steps as life flips upside down, shaken out in more birthday cake martinis than one could count, while stirring in all the madness during pursuit of a happily-ever-after.

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Abbie welcomes you!

Abbie St. Claire writes sexy, sultry and suspenseful romance books and romantic comedies. Also writing as A. St Claire. 

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